Abet Laminati is renowned worldwide for its rich history as an arts and industry leader in laminates. For over 50 years, Abet Laminati has been developing high pressure laminates that blend high quality with exquisite design. In 1995, Abet used its expertise in interior laminates to create MEG exterior grade phenolic panels – a new kind of laminate specifically designed as rainscreen cladding to withstand environmental wear and tear. Recognizing the burgeoning rainscreen market in North America, Abet Laminati created a new company focused exclusively on its exterior laminate panels and in 2014, MEG Inc was born.


In 1957, A.B.E.T., Anonima Braidese Estratti Tannici, born in 1946, changes to ABET and starts to manufacture high-pressure decorative plastic laminates.


The true story of Abet Laminati starts in the Sixties, an incredibly rich period from a cultural and social view point. An intelligent and far-sighted story that led the company to become a world leader in little more than twenty years. Since the beginning, Abet Laminati has been able to understand the strategic importance of keeping an open dialogue and close working relationship with the world of design and architecture, as a sort of privileged speaker, able to predict trends and constantly monitor the evolution of style. Those years led to the development of the Colours series, the first historic collection characterized by strong and vibrant colors, in perfect harmony with the avant-garde spirit of the time, together with the first silk-screened printed laminate and revolutionary SEI finish. All these innovations were of fundamental importance, as they changed the image of laminate which began to establish its own identity. This element proved to be crucial to the company’s development policy and future history.


During the Seventies, Abet Laminati became the main supporter of the exhibition "Italy: the new domestic landscape" at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Together with a selected group of Italian industries, Abet Laminati fostered the creation of "Colordinamo'77", a research center focusing on the use and expressive potential of colors promoting this culture through exhibitions, seminars and handbooks.


Between the end of the Seventies and the early Eighties, Abet Laminati takes an active part in Alchymia and Memphis. These two revolutionary, extraordinary cultural and avant-garde movements coordinated by Ettore Sottsass, deeply influence Italian and international design by revolutionizing the taste of generations and became a very important instrument in the promotion of "Made in Italy" all over the world. In 1987, thanks to Diafos, its innovative translucent laminate, Abet Laminati wins its first Compasso d’Oro, the highly desired award for design, which ultimately declares the company an integral part of design history.


The Nineties lead to the presentation of the new Colori Uniti series, selected and reinterpreted by the genius of Ettore Sottsass. In the same year, the European Economic Community awards Abet Laminati with the European Design Award, a prestigious prize that emphasized its long research journey combining technology with design.


In the mid-Nineties, the rainscreen cladding concept gains momentum with European architects and designers. Abet Laminati introduces exterior grade phenolic MEG panels, enabling the building community to blend art and design with durability on building exteriors.


At the beginning of the new millennium, in 2001, Abet Laminati, together with Maranello’s Ferrari, received its second Compasso d’Oro, this time a Lifetime Achievement Award. Paola Navone’s new proposals - Serigrafia 2008 - bursts into life along with the Collection Digitalia, designed by Karim Rashid, representing the natural evolution of the visionary project "Kasa Digitalia", presented in collaboration with De Rosso at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan 2008. In 2010, Ugo Nespolo characterizes the hospital complex Città Ospedaliera di Avellino with MEG panels, incorporating digital printing. That same year, Konstantin Grcic creates the elegant Crystaline collection: three luxurious patterns made in collaboration with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.


Abet opens the first-ever HPL museum in June 2013 showcasing its leading role in the evolution of high pressure laminates.


With a focus on further developing exterior grade laminate panels and promoting the rainscreen concept in North America, Abet Laminati launches MEG.

Abet Laminati Invests in MEG

Laminate is a unique material that is almost a paradox. Its body is made of paper, but it is as resistant as metal, and can even have the appearance of metal (or stone, or wood). In fact - and in this lies Abet Laminati’s shift in perspective - it can have the appearance of any material, whether natural or artificial, real or imaginary. In laminate, everything is surprising, everything stuns and amazes us, and everything blends together.

With the idea that everything is possible and without limits, Abet Laminati further enhanced its interior high pressure laminates to create exterior grade phenolic MEG panels. In establishing MEG, Abet Laminati affirms its commitment that durable laminates of exquisite design are as important on the outside as they are on the inside.