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Assembly Components

To enjoy all of the benefits that come with a MEG rainscreen system, it is important to install MEG panels using appropriate components.  Below you will find information on the most commonly used and cost-effective components.  Should your project's building code or design asthetic require use of other installation methods, please contact your MEG Inc representative.

J and Hat Profiles

J and Hat profiles are typically used to install MEG panels. However, profile types may vary based on building code requirements and the product application demands of each specific building’s design.

MEG Panel “J” Profile Installation Example

MEG Panel “Hat” Profile Installation Example


For best results, we recommend fastening MEG panels to metal profiles with stainless steel screws. While the exact size and shape of the screws required will vary based on the specifications of your building design, you can find general recommendations here. As a convenience to our customers, you can order screws from your MEG Inc representative.

Water-Resistive Barriers

It is important that all rainscreen systems be installed with a water-resistive barrier (WRB) behind the cladding panels to further protect the building’s exterior structural wall from any water that may seep behind a rainscreen panel. There are several different types of WRBs you may wish to consider depending on the specific requirements of your project and your client’s budget. We recommend speaking with a waterproofing consultant and/or the WRB manufacturer to determine which product is best suited to your specific need.