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MEG Panel Maintenance

The hard, durable surface of MEG panels requires little maintenance. MEG panels can be cleaned with a mild, non-abrasive detergent dissolved in water using a sponge and/or a soft cloth. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with water. We recommend whipping the panels dry after cleaning to avoid leaving water marks. Avoid excessive rubbing, pressure or using abrasive aids that could cause abrasion marks or scratches. A high pressure cleaner may be used provided that the pressure does not exceed 1500 PSI. Using a dirt scraper is not advisable.

MEG panels do not require anti-graffiti treatment. MEG’s chemical resistant nature and closed structure do not allow most types of paints, inks, or lipstick to adhere to the surface or penetrate to the core. If the MEG surface becomes coated with graffiti, it can be removed using specific products designed to remove paint from plastic materials, which do not harm the original appearance of the surface. These products are commercially available. Most of these can also be used to remove stubborn dirt such as grease, mold, mildew, etc. Follow the product supplier's instructions and after treatment, rinse the surface thoroughly with water. We suggest GR1 by 3M. When cleaning MEG panels, it is always suggested that a small, hidden area be tested first to assure the solution is appropriate for the MEG panels.

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