Benefits of MEG

Benefits of MEG
Durable and fade resistant, MEG panels are designed to withstand rapid temperature shifts and harsh environments including prolonged exposure to direct sun, rain and sea salt.
MEG panels don’t warp, splinter, crack, check, peel or delaminate. MEG panels have been tested and pass the rigorous requirements for flexural strength and weatherability set forth in the Acceptance Criteria 92 test.
Built to endure, MEG panels are composed of durable materials highly resistant to corrosion.
Quality Appearance
Extraordinary design comes standard and never at the expense of durability. MEG panels are available in a variety of colors and finishes resulting in beautiful exteriors of enduring performance.
Your MEG panels are built to last and are easily maintained using non-abrasive household cleansers with sponges, cloths or paper towels.
Graffiti Resistant
MEG’s smooth finish hampers spray paints, inks, lipstick, crayons and other emulsions from penetrating its surface and does not require any preventive graffiti treatments prior to installation.
MEG panels are designed to beautify an exterior environment and with materials that will not harm the environment. Additionally, MEG panels can be ordered FSC-certified and use of panels may contribute points to LEED projects.
Termite Resistant
MEG’s high performance laminates are resistant to termite and insect infestation.
Excellent Fire Performance
MEG 10mm F1 panels have superior thermal resistance and have passed the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) most stringent tests including NFPA #285 and #268.